Cf frame freon coolers

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Freon fin coolers are used to cool the air in the ventilating and air condition systems, they can be used as well for cooling individual compartments (zones) of the building.

Series of types contain 16 standard dimensions with the dimensions from 40×20 cm to 200×100 cm.

The cooler is composed of:
-frame with collars
-fin heat exchanger made of copper pipes Ø12 and the aluminum fins with the spacing s=2mm
-collectors and copper connectors

Working conditions

Cooling efficiency of Freon fin coolers is achieved at the following working parameters:
-vaporization temperature from 5°C to 6°C
-Temperature of air flowing on coolers:  between 20°C and 30°C
-Flowing air speed from 2m/s to 4m/s
-Freon cooler operation at the other working parameters require contact with the manufacturer in order to calculate its cooling efficiency
Maximal working pressure: 2,4 MPa (24 bar)