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Frame heaters are used for air heating in ventilation and air-conditioning installations.


Series of types of the heaters includes 8 sizes with intake surface from 0,096m2 to 0,36m2.
The heaters consist of:

  • inner frame with collars fitted for connection with ventilation channels
  • heating elements with rolled aluminium ribbing with external diameter of an element D=28mm and ribs spacing s=2,8mm
  • RD-2 thermostat protecting against exceeding of heater max. temperature

In heaters a=400mm long 0,5kW and 1,0 kW heating elements are used and in heaters a=600mm only elements with 1,0kW are used.


All sizes of the heaters have the possibility of 3-range thermal power regulation, i.e. 1/3, 2/3 and total power.
Minimal speed of air intake upon the heater may not be lower than 2m/s.