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Frame heaters are used for air heating in ventilation and air-conditioning installations.


Series of types of the heaters includes 8 sizes with intake surface from 0,063m2 to 1,6m2, offered as two- or three- row heaters.
The construction of the heaters allows for joining them in four-, five- or more rows sets.
The heater consists of:

  • internal frame with collars fitted for connection with ventilation channels
  • heating elements made of bimetallic highly-ribbed pipes, i.e. steel pipes with aluminium ribbing rolled in a spiral way
  • collectors with connectors

As a standard, the heating elements are made of pipes with inner diameter d=12,4mm, outer diameter of ribs D=38mm and ribs spacing s=2,8 mm. Connectors, in the standard version, are fitted for connection with heating installation through screwing.
There may also be offered heaters with connectors fitted for welding or with collars.


The heaters may be fed with water of max. 150/70oC temperature and operation pressure max. 1,6Mpa. The heater works best when pipes are positioned horizontally. This condition is connected  with the necessity of correct venting and dehydrating of the heater.
The heaters may operate in vertical position or may get out of plumb app. Max 60oC.