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Fin water heaters are designed to heat air in ventilation and air conditioning installations.


The series of heaters includes heaters in 14 sizes with dimensions from 240×240 mm to 1440×1440 mm.
The heaters are manufactured with two or three rows. The heater design allows combining the heaters into sets with 4, 5 or more rows. Each standard heater in the series is designed for de-aeration and drainage in both vertical and horizontal position.
The heater consists of:

  • frame with collars;
  • fin heat exchanger made of copper pipes and aluminum fins spaced s=2.4mm;
  • collectors and copper connectors with female threads.

This catalogue card features only a fraction of the JUWENT offer of fin heating coils. JUWENT manufactures a broad variety of heating coils and cooling coils supplied with water and antifreeze media. Upon separate and specific settlement, we manufacture various-size heating coils with different fins spacing, row number and made of various materials, in particular aluminium epoxy or stainless fins.
Heaters in the versions included in the described series are the most competitive in terms of price and manufacture period.


It is recommended to supply the heaters with water heated up to 150°C and under operating pressure of 1,5MPa. In the standard version, the heaters are supplied from the bottom side and the heating water output is located on the upper side. Countercurrent is used in all heaters and all technical data on thermal power and air end temperatures apply to the countercurrent connection.