TK Duct Silencers

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TK silencers are used for absorbing sound in ducted installations, cooperating with WKp fans. They may also be used in other installations connected with P-20 profile.
The silencers are made of galvanized steel sheet with the collar with P-20 profile ensuring integration with particular parts of the installation in the same size.
Damping slotted lever is provided with an insert made of mineral wool with a veil 100 mm thick and =90 kg/m3 dense.
The standard length of the silencer is 1,0 m. in order to decrease noise level the silencers should be fixed in a row (one after the other), however spacing in the form of channel interval should be preserved.


The silencer should be installed directly at the sound source. Flexible connectors must be insulated from outside.
The silencer should be installed in accordance with denotations on the housing. The inlet side is provided with shields on the inserts decreasing pressure drop.