TZ air pollution thermostat

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TZ Air Pollution Thermostat is used in air ventilation systems for the removal of odorants and gases from air, including cigarette smoke, sweat, kitchen odours, carbon monoxide, methane, ethane, acetone, methanol, etc. TZ Air Pollution Thermostat is recommended for use in rooms with a variable concentration of people and/or odorant as it optimises the time required to exchange the air in the room and maintains the air quality.

Typically, such applications include:
– small restaurants, pubs, bistros
– lounges, waiting rooms
– recreation rooms and smoking rooms
– kitchens
– changing rooms, wardrobes, cloakrooms
– ventilation control in residential facilities

The measured concentration is compared with the preset value. If the preset value has been exceeded, the fan will be switched on. Once the air quality in the room is restored, e.g. by airing or other measures, the thermostat switches off the fan terminating the airing. Note. TZ Air Pollution Thermostat should not be used for safety-related measurements.