SkCz/D air intake box

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Air intake boxes are part of UGW/D heating and ventilation units.
They are use for:

  • drawing of fresh and recirculation air or of their mixture at any proportion
  • air cleaning in the filter of G-2 class.

3 sizes of air intake boxes are offered.
Complete boxes consist of the following elements:

  • convergent pipe which is a transition from the square section into the circular section
  • filter with an exterior casing
  • proper box with mono-plate damper and fresh and recirculation air inlets

The air deriving boxes are offered in left and right types. The left type is used in left type units and right type is used in the right type units

Working conditions

The construction of the air deriving boxes allows for their use in the following sets:

  • complete,
  • without filter,
  • filter without a mixing box and elastic connector.