PU and PUT roof base

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Roof bases are used for mounting OWD; WDHS; WDHSC; WDVOS; WDVOSC, WDVS; WDVSC WDJ; WDJV as well as WD and WD PLUS roof fans.
They are made as the universal bases PU and universal dampening bases PUT.

Universal bases for the roof fans are made of galvanized steel sheets.
They have 10 mm thick thermal insulation on the internal side.
In the PUT bases PUT 100 mm thick slot levers are used as dampening insert.
PU an PUT universal bases can be equipped with following  additional elements:
– PWDt roof base made of polyester-glass laminate;
– assembly plate PM;
– throttling valve SWD;
– inlet diffuser  DW;
– connector (duct section) or elastic spout KE;
We can also supply the single-plane throttling valves controlled manually or with the servo-motor.