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Unit heaters are commonly used for heating air in medium and large industrial and commercial spaces such as production halls, warehouses, workshops, trade pavilions and sports halls. Within this product group there are unit heaters that are specifically designed to operate in difficult conditions such as high humidity or dust levels found in facilities such as farms, poultry houses, barns, stables or pigsties.
We offer unit heaters equipped with either AC or EC fans, as well as electric heaters and coils supplied with various types of heat transfer media such as water, steam and refrigerant. Unit heaters equipped with water and evaporator coils can perform both heating and cooling functions, ensuring thermal comfort in winter and summer.
In line with the latest trends in modern low-carbon heating systems, we have introduced unit heaters that can be used with heat pumps.
With a wide range of standard options, ancillary equipment and bespoke solutions, we can easily adapt our products to meet your specific needs.