CSK Floor Mounted Air Handling Units

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CSK units construction is based on the framework made of aluminum profiles. Casing consists of the “sandwich” type panels filled with 45 mm thick mineral wool. There are 14 units sizes available with efficiency from 1000 to 63.200 m³/h which are intended for air processing in the scope of: filtering, heating, cooling, moistening. There is an opportunity of using the recirculation or heat recovery on the cross-flow or rotary exchanger, heat pipe or glycol exchanger. Separate sections can be optionally configured if You wish to get the adequate air processing. CSK Units can be used as serial units, multi-level units (maximum to the CSK-75 height) or parallel. The casing is available as the internal and roof version. Roof version is additionally equipped with air intake, air exhaust, flat or skew roof, specially protected air throttling valves. These units can be installed on the leveled screed or steel construction. They are available in standard, hygienic, pool or special version.