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Fan coolers are used for cooling liquid, mainly hot water, with outer air. They are used in plants, in manufacturing processes requiring cooling of cooling factors and in other objects where decrease of liquid temperature is needed.
Coolers are fitted for outdoor assembly.


Series of types of the cooler includes 3 sizes with several fans placed in one or two rows in each.
The cooler consists of:

  • metal louvre heat exchangers
  • axial-flow fans
  • (casing) frames

Coolers elements are made of copper pipes with outer diameter of 16 mm, walls thickness of 1 mm and aluminium fuses with spacing of s=2,5 mm.
Connectors in standard version are screwed.
Heat exchangers has III rows (for all sizes) or II rows (only size 1 for 1W, 2W and 3W fans quantity).
Fans may be placed in:

  • one row 1,2 or 3 fans
  • two rows 4 or 6 fans


Coolers may operate at liquid temperature of 150oC and at pressure of 1,5Mpa.
Fans are provided with three-phase electric motors.
Coolers may be equipped with device control system allowing for gradual attaching particular fans, depending on outdoor temperature and requirements of liquid cooling.