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OTOFILM Film Studio in Warsaw, a leading film production company in Poland with 29 years of experience, has built an extensive portfolio encompassing over 2000 advertising campaigns, documentaries, and feature films. Specializing in commercials, feature films, and online content, they collaborate with renowned brands such as Coca Cola, Unilever, IKEA, Toyota, and others.

OTOFILM stands out internationally, leveraging its achievements to handle productions for companies worldwide. With vast experience in film production globally, they have executed projects for companies in Germany, the USA, the UK, China, Sweden, Greece, Turkey, and other countries.

We are privileged to have been part of OTO Film’s creative journey by providing our air handling units. These units help to maintain an optimal environment within the film and sound recording studios, ensuring that the artistic process remains uninterrupted.


Products installed in this facility:

  • OPTIMAX-ROTO compact air handling units