TP, TP/IP65 and TPP indoor thermostat

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The on-off TP Indoor Thermostat allows setting of room temperature with an adjustment knob within the range 8…30ОС; the on-off TPP thermostat with LCD display allows setting of the room temperature within the range from 8…35ОС in a day/night mode.
If the room temperature drops below the preset value, the thermostat generates an output signal that opens the valve and switches the fan on. If the indoor temperature exceeds the preset value, the thermostat will switch over and generate a signal to close the valve and switch off the fan.
The thermostat can be used in both, closed loop and open air circulation.

Technical data

  • Type


    TP IP54 TP IP65 TPP
    Supply voltage 24..250V AC 24..250V AC 24..250V AC 2 baterie 1,5V
    Measurement range 8…+30OC 0…+40OC 8…+35OC 5…+35OC
    Connector rated load 6(2)A 16(5)A 10(1,5)A 5(2)A
    Protection level IP30 IP54 IP65 IP30