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Floor fan convectors for heating and cooling are intended for heating and cooling of public utility premises, living quarters, commercial, exposition or office areas, winter gardens.
They will be useful in locations with large glazed areas, and facilities where conventional heaters cannot be installed.
Thanks to its innovative design, the convector offers three functions: cooling, heating with silent EC fans, and heating based on convective heat transfer principle.
Operation in convective heat transfer mode makes it possible to use them in locations with very strict noise requirements.
The fan-forced air flow provides quick heating of premises, and additionally, owing to a strong stream of hot air, convectors form specific screens protecting against cold produced by, e.g. large glazed areas.
The cooling function can be used in locations where building areas require intensive cooling due to exposure to insolation in the summer.


Floor convectors for heating and cooling consist of the following elements:

  • trench made of hot dip galvanised steel, powder coated in black RAL9005;
  • highly efficient heat exchanger made from copper tubes and aluminium fins; heat exchanger is available in 2- or 4-pipe system;
  • silent fan with 24VDC motor;
  • fan guard protecting against unintentional contact with rotor;
  • levelling screws and fastening anchors;
  • 2×1/2” or 4×1/2” water connection;
  • vents on return.

Available additional equipment includes:

  • decorative L-type frame made of natural or anodized aluminium;
  • roll-up grille made of alumin


Convector can be supplied with heating medium with maximum temperature of
95OC or coolant with minimum temperature of 5OC at maximum working pressure
of 0.6 MPa.